Savings Accounts

Compass Savings Bank has a variety of savings products to fit every budget. Start saving small today for big rewards tomorrow. 

In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of Direct Deposit into Passbook and Statement Savings accounts. 

To help you establish a savings plan with a Passbook, Statement Savings or Christmas Club account, we can automatically deduct a savings amount from your Compass Checking Account.

Statement Savings

With a Statement Savings account, your activity is presented on a monthly statement, mailed to your home. There is no need to carry a passbook. With this account, you can enjoy 24 hour access with your ATM card. 

A $50 minimum balance is required to earn interest which is compounded daily.

Christmas Club

Start saving early for your holiday purchases. Establish a savings goal and make deposits monthly to your account which earns interest compounded daily. 

Open the account with just $25. Checks are mailed in October, just in time for holiday shopping.

Certificates of Deposit

If you can invest your money for a longer period of time, consider the extra earnings offered by a Certificate of Deposit (CD). We have a variety of certificate terms ranging from 6 months to 60 months. 

You can open a CD with only a $500 minimum deposit. A lot of other banks require $1,000 or more. 

Interest is compounded daily and posted monthly which can be added to your CD, deposited into a savings or checking account or a check can be mailed to you.


Plan for your retirement with a Traditional or ROTH IRA. Invest in your child's future with an enhanced IRA. With either investment, we have competitive rates. 

Contributions and tax deductibility varies.