Compass Savings Bank


Physical Location:
Compass Savings Bank
111 Westinghouse Ave
Wilmerding, PA 15148

Virtual Locations:
We are also available 24 hours a day from any ATM machine.

You will not encounter a surcharge when using your ATM card at any ATM machine at any bank that is a member of the Freedom ATM Alliance. Otherwise, you may encounter a surcharge when using another banking instituion's ATM machine.

Bank 24 hours a day virtually anywhere you see STAR or the PLUS logos. Unlike other banks, Compass Savings Bank does not charge for any ATM transactions and there is no annual fee for using the Star Card which saves you money.

Compass Savings Bank offers a debit card. Think of the Visa®Check Card as a STAR Card with more features. This enhanced ATM card still allows you to withdraw money 24 hours a day wherever the STAR or PLUS logos are displayed. In addition, you can check your balance or make deposits. The added benefit is the Visa Check Card is accepted wherever VISA is accepted. So, you can pay for clothes, dinner or groceries with your card, instead of writing a check. Payment comes directly from your primary checking account - not a line of credit, like a credit card. The Visa Check Card saves you money because there are no finance charges and no bills to write which reduces the number of checks you use and also reduces postage costs. Best of all, there is no fee for the Compass Savings Bank Visa Check Card.

Compass Savings Bank has joined thirty other banks to form the FREEDOM ATM ALLIANCE. The goal of the Alliance is to provide surcharge-free ATM alternatives to Compass Savings Bank customers. Banks entering the Alliance agree not to surcharge the customers of any other Alliance member at their ATMs.